Are your photos got deleted form camera?

Is it possible to recover deleted photos or images?

Are you looking to download Fuji SC card photo recovery software?

Fuji is lightest camera with 2.7 inch LCD screen, internal memory, auto detecting focus and with many more features. You store memorable pictures in memory cards. Though these memory cards are secure for storing digital images, but sometimes you lose the images and videos. If you have a backup of images and pictures, you can get them easily otherwise it becomes a problem for you.

Reasons for losing pictures::

  • >> Virus infection corrupts files and folders

  • >> During snapshot there should be low battery in camera and it could not be saved

  • >> Removing the memory card when file is being written on it

  • >> Switching off the camera when file is being read from the memory card

When you want to see the crashed photos or images you get error messages like file not found or files are missing. These error shows that some thing is going wrong with your memory card. But do not worry; your solution is available with Fuji SC card photo recovery tool.

Fuji SC card photo recovery is third party tool used to retrieve the photos or images from the memory card. Some features of this tool are as follows:

  • >> It recovers deleted or corrupted photos

  • >> This tool supports various audio and video file formats such as MP3, MIDI, AVI, MOV etc

  • >> Interactive and easy to use interface so that a novice can use it

  • >> It simply scans for deleted and corrupted videos and find out for recovery

  • >> It shows thumbnail view of the recovered files

  • >> Software never damages any other data

  • >> You can use this software for different cameras like NIKON, CANON, OLYMPUS, SONY etc

  • >> It is compatible with various windows and Mac operating system such as XP, VISTA, Window 7, Mac Leopard, Snow Leopard etc.

Fuji Photo Recovery


Really, This software is very effective. It recovers my missing and deleted digital photos within few clicks only. Now I can access my precious pictures without any problems.Thanks

Jennifer Albert, UK

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